Whakaipo Bay to Kinloch

Thanks to Mum and Dad I went away for two days on the lake in my little blue kayak. After hurting my back and everything else happening to me recently I needed some time to clear the air between my ears, and a paddle on the lake seemed like a good idea.

The conditions were picture perfect and I spent a good lot of time just bobbing around on the water’s surface reading my book or admiring the scenery – the cliffs are just awesome, all mottled blue grey and majestic.

There was quite a lot of boat traffic so I just stuck close to the cliffs. And then I accidently found the perfect camp site about 2 kilometres from Kinloch, which I was really stoked about. I didn’t want to go into Kinloch because it was just pumping with holiday makers, and the point of the trip was about isolation and mind clarity – crickey that sounds yogic haha!

I had a paddle around Kinloch then went back to camp and lay around on my own little beach. I didn’t want the day to end it was so pretty & peaceful in my little camp – but eventually the sun went down and I was forced into bed because I’d forgot a torch. I managed to get a fire going for a little while but it didn’t put out enough light … so crawl into bed I did. I didn’t bring a bed roll (didn’t have room on the kayak), but despite this my little nest on leaves was just fine and I had an awesome nights sleep.

The next day was much the same, lots of paddling and drifting. When over as far as Kawakawa then back to Whakaipo Bay.

My solitude was broken at about 2pm when the coast guard put out an emergency call. A girl called Vanessa had gone missing; a woman in early 40’s on a blue surf-ski paddling from Kinloch to Whakiapo. So from then on it seemed every boat with a radio was plowing my way at top speed. Vanessa was found, but my father, who was also out on the lake that day went into panic mode thinking I was lost and sent out his own search party for me. They found me in the late afternoon just as I was getting back to Whakaipo. Silly Dad!

Not sure I was cured of my melancoly but I had a fabulous two days that I didn’t want to end. I love this life!


About Juliet Jones

Beauty is everywhere, if you but open your eyes
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