A Random Act of Kindness

To celebrate waking up this morning with no back pain for the first time in two weeks I thought I’d go for a run today –  I’d worry about my level of regret later.

It had been raining on and off all day, mainly just drizzle – and when I finally took off for my little 6km-welcome-back-to-running run it was late in the evening, overcast but dry.

Three kilometres in, I felt pretty good and I was happily taking in the scenery as I went past the golf course were there was a lone golfer practicing his sport, further out of town a road worker spreading hay to keep down the dust, a horse grazing in the field, grey and gold speakled clouds in the afternoon light.

Then it blind-sided me.  A bitingly cold front swooped in and hit me full frontal.

It got colder and colder.  The rain was big and hard, I swear if it’d been any colder I would have been running in sleet.  My legs froze up and turn as solid and ungiving as overcooked mutton, but worse of all my forehead was aching in intense pain from the sudden change in temperature.  To combat this I started running dicky with my hands on my forehead to stop the enveloping case of serious brain freeze.

But dispite the weather I was determined to make the turn around point of my intended plan.

Just before I reached the turn around, a truck slid up beside me and stopped.  The truck driver wound down his window and shouted out, “Hey!” to get my attention.  I stopped.  The guy nodded his chin up in the universal greeting of ‘giddy’ then thrust a black cap out the window.  “It’s cold.  You put this hat on eh, I don’t need it”  And with that he drove off.

I’ll always remember that man – he made my day.  It was a good day for a run.  Thank you stranger!


About Juliet Jones

Beauty is everywhere, if you but open your eyes
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