Sydney Half Marathon

First thing Saturday morning my friend Scottie and I drive to Rotorua so he can do the Rotorua to Whakatane 90km cycling event … he was under strict instructions not to dawdle (or crash) as we had a plane to catch to Sydney that afternoon from Rotorua.  As soon as he crossed the finish line, boom, in the car and off back to Rotorua.

A few hours later we arrive in Sydney and hit the pubs.  My brother Marcus also arrives from the other side of the world seriously jet-lagged and recovering from bronchitis … this is a bit problematic as we had a half marathon to run in the morning.

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So brother and sister run a slow half … I wanted to keep Marcus company, but in the end I just had to leave him to his sickliness and somehow I still managed to run it in under 2 hours …

The next morning Scottie and I go down to The Quay at dawn and discover a MONEY TREE and collect $90 for our morning breakfast then head off to the airport!


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