Friends and Ferries – July 17

Life starts early in the Mercer household. And “Bayblades” “Performance Tip” “Attack” “Defence” “Let ’em rip” echoed through the house this morning.

Andrew took Damien to the Trials Bike Park while the boys played bayblades, the girl in pink manhandled Tibbles the cat whilst posing for photos, and the Moms packed for their respective trips. It was lovely catching up … but time to hit the road again!

A Rest Stop at Forest Lakes

Market Day in Wellington

Arriving in Wellington early, Monica and I killed time at the thriving Wellington Market whilst the boys visited dinosaurs and Dodo birds in Te Papa Museum.

A Picture Perfect Ferry Crossing

Blessed with a glorious calm day Monica and I got snap-happy on the ferry. The best photo opportunities were definitely coming into the Sounds at dusk – just stunning! Otherwise we played cards, chatted and ate. Marco spent his three hours playing catch’n’kiss and tag with a girl and her brother around the boat lower deck.

The Lads Doing Tricks on Picton’s Waterfront & Playing Pool and Chillaxing in Oxley’s Hotel, Picton

They say South Islanders are friendlier, and true to this belief, Damien made friends with the local lads in Picton within minutes of arriving. He enjoyed swapping tips and biking up and down the terraced waterfront whilst the Monica and Marco played pool and ate pizza in Oxley’s Hotel. I supped on a Pinot Noir – another perfect day.


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