Carving it up at Cardrona – 20 July

Damien left early for Cardrona.  He was very excited to be skiing with Stefano for the day who is an Italian Ski Instructor that is working on the lifts here at Cardrona, but he kindly offered to take Damien up to Cardrona to help him with his turns.  Stefano will be at next year’s Winter Olympics as a freestylers assistant (whatever that entails) but it certainly gives the young man some skiing kudos.

I was planning on going up to Treble Cone but as Damien was at Cardrona I thought we may as well go there too, besides it would probably be better for Marco anyway.

We had a good day skiing – the morning was bright and sunny but it soon clouded over and the wind picked up, so thermals and gaiters got pulled back out of bags.  After much cajoling I got Marco snow ploughing in the morning and he coped with a blue run unassisted before I put him in ski school for a couple of hours.

Once Marco was safely stowed in school I finally had a chance to ski with my two big kids.  Damien showed off his styly moves, his backwards skiing on his new twin-tips, and jumped off a ledge practically landing on me – monkey – but he certainly is skiing well.  Damien and I also managed to get stuck in knee deep powder going off piste – doh!  Monica took a while to find her ski legs and was starting to really enjoy herself by the time it was time to go.

We picked Marco up just as the mountain was closing and the only run left operating was the beginner slope.  So grabbing a last run Marco went up but as he was now ‘too cool’ to be on the beginner slope he dropped off the edge of the bank at the top of the run skiing back down to the quad lift – little monkey – not that it did him any good as the lift had stopped running and it was time to go home.

Cardrona's Lego Land Buildings


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