Contradictions & Illusions – 21 July


Dinner was immaculate as always. Our table laid beautifully. For a centre piece we had lit orange candles and a thermometer which consisted of a large glass vile with floating liquid filled glass balls of different colours that would sink and rise depending on the temperature. In contrast to this colour, the table setting was in the straight and square lines of black and white. The place mats had scripted famous quotes on the love of wine, and the large wine glasses had heavy gold plated roman eagle sculpted bases. The Italian chef was busy in the kitchen preparing a rustic beef and pea stew originating from the peasants of Northern Italy. It smelt great.

Our hostess, who is the most generous, interesting and outrageous character, was once again at odds to the luxurious setting she had created. With pink and blue hair she wore white tracksuit pants hiked up above her navel and a tight fitting grey t-shirt showing her bra-less form, who then when on to entertain us with stories of her best ever fart in a compromising sexual position and her most embarrassing pee in the bush. My children, their eyes amazed, were speechless.


Above is the Ames Deception Room: This amazing optical illusion made all my three children the same height. The Lord of the Rings movie used Ames techniques to make Gandalf big and the hobbits small. The above IS NOT a doctored photo – incredible huh?

This is just one of the several displays, puzzles, illusions to amuse and bewilder you at Puzzling World in Wanaka. Another day full of fun was had!


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