The Five Best Coffee Shops in Melbourne

Sean Goedecke, a freelance writer for Weekend Notes wrote an article on the 5 Best Cafe’s in Melbourne … my friend Steve and I investigate …. who does have the best Latte?

Goedecke’s cafe’s were: Degraves Espresso, The Animal Orchestra, The Journal, Brunetti, and the fifth down in Fight Club Alley had closed down.  We agreed with all Sean’s choices except for Brunetti … quite awful I’m sorry guys.

But the best part of our investigation was that it took us all over Melbourne, and all hyped up on coffee we got plenty distracted along the way.  We became experts in tram jumping, visited old building, parks, churches, pubs, the Old Melbourne Gaol and just generally enjoyed being lost.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As for the outcome:  Degraves Espresso won hands down, with The Journal coming a close second.


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