Melbourne Marathon

I phoned my brother on his birthday to tell him I’d bought him a ticket to the Melbourne Marathon and that I’d be there to ensure the ticket got used

This would have ciome as quiet a shock to my computer geek brother, but like a trooper he downloaded the ‘couch to 10kms’ app and followed it religiously.

By the time I got to Melboure Olly could run 5 minutes straight, followed by a 2 minute rest.  I thought the run would be a piece of cake.

And so this is how our run went:  Olly would take off like a startled gazelle, with his long legs streaking ahead, my heartrate would spike trying to keep up with him so I’d drop behind.  Then Olly would tire and he’d slow down until I caught him, until eventually he’d start dawdling and gasping like he might be dying, then the interval would end and we’d walk for a couple of minutes to recover.  His alarm would go again and he dash off like a started gazelle into the distance, my heartrate would spike, and so our 10kms continued.  Incredibly we completed the 10kms in less than an hour.  Well done Olly!

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