Poronui Farm to Oamaru Hut

I just had the worst Autumn Holiday ever!  I don’t think one is supposed to feel worse after their holiday than before it begun.  I couldn’t wait to get back to school … how depressing is that!!

Thankfully, Labour Weekend came along to fixed me four days later. Grab ya gaiters kids, we’re off to Kaimanawa.

The forecast was for rain warnings, so I figured dragging the kids over to Cascades hut was a little mean, so I decided to go to Tauhara Road end and go to Oamaru Hut from Poronui instead.  I’d never done it and didn’t know what to expect … all I knew was it looked flat on the map.

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As it turned out much of the walk is through Poronui Farm’s Eucalyptus Forest.  It reminded me of tramping in the out skirts of Melbourne earlier this year.  Then when we got to the 16 bunk hut, it was FULL – with us added to the count there were 28 people!!  A hunting school party of 8 students and 8 hunters, and a group of 9 ex-uni students who’d tramped in and were cooking a full on roast meal on the firebox and drinking quiet a substantial amount of beer and whiskey.

We tramped out the next day in torrential rain.  Frost nipped and numb, we climbed back into the car .  We stripped off to our damp undies, ate the last of the honey roasted nuts, and I cranked up the heater.  I felt 500% much better … sorry about that kids!


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