Umukarikari’s on a Bad-Weather Day (or two)

I recently accompanied some Tauhara College students on a tramp into the Kaimanawa’s for their Activity Days and would like to thank the Hunters of Waipakahi Hut for their assistance in what can be only described as challenging weather. The students, under the guidance of Mr Bj and myself, tramped into the Hut when the weather turned to a cold foulness that shook the hut overnight. The students, who had never spent time together as a group before demonstrated their strong school camaraderie in the toasty-warm, well-equipped but confined quarters of the Waipakahi Hut with the six Hunters. The students enjoyed their hut stay, and when not warming by the fire, they gambled their chocolate snacks and lollies in card games, toasted marshmallows over cookers, walked short tracks near the hut in the rain, told scary stories to one another, and were mentored by the Hunters on the important things in life. The students may have had to spend another night in the hut waiting for the weather to clear, but with the moral and human support of the Hunters; Rusty, Tony and Carl of Morrinsville, who volunteered to come out with the school party, all the students made the six-hour return trip safely and without complaint despite the very tough conditions. “You kids are amazing” was the chorus from the Hunters once all arrived safely off the range, “That was tough, and not a complaint out of one of you”. The trip not only demonstrated the moral character of some of the students from Tauhara College, but also the importance of being prepared for all possibilities when tramping in New Zealand.

P.S. Names have been altered to protect the identity of the students, and have been replaced with the very un-pc nicknames the hunters gave them 🙂


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